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// A word from the distributor, Métamkine

Cyril Badaut is mostly playing with records and the noise between two tracks. Read more …


// A chronicle from Julie Perin from Alternatif-Art, November 2012

Cyril Badaut is a polymorphous sound master. Sorcerer of the sensory landscape, he makes from our bodies a field of sounding experiments, would I dare to say tactile!

Cyril made me discover his sound plastic universe at the “Frigo” in Paris.

The setting is rather sober and raw; the darkness welcomes you and slowly sets you in the vaulted place’s atmosphere, a bit cold, where protagonists took place as the audience. You are ready to go through the experience.

The score sets out between installation, performance and sound. The sight is grabbed, the ears are alerts, the skin is stretched and shivering. The sensation increases sound by sound, stronger and stronger.

From the flute to the sax, from the video projection to the sound hearing, everything is graduated and plugged in to immerse you.

Cyril Badaut puts us to his rhythm: audible or inaudible, step by step, like a march, which speeds up every second. His sounding and visual writing is close to literature with punctuation, metaphors, as a collective and individual story, which takes us like the first sentence of a novel, a short story, an essay…

Breath, silence, acceleration, cut, fluidity, break, lightness, scratch, any sonorous particle brings you out.

Considering his visual performance propositions, Cyril Badaut’s work is also plastic. It is a raw and physical laboratory where sensory alchemy is absolute.

He shells, dissects, scratches, stretches, squirms, scans every sound particle, looking in the “note’s” deep behind the score’s line – if there is a score. He attempts to question our existences, our relationship to the world where stories mix together, become entangled, are added one to another, split and get back together to the rhythm of his artistic proposition.

You will be surprised and have to face the story till the end. If you are ever tempted to experience it, close your eyes and just go.


// a Japanese chronicle – Art into life –

大大大推薦!!恐らくこれが初の音盤リリースとなる謎のプロジェクトIntemporal Analogic Soundの作品。なんとあのサックスを大人数で鳴らすフランスの集団アーバン・read more…